Who We Are

A Place Where Your Ideas Matter

Centaur is built on the mindset that each individual’s work impacts the outcome. We hire the smartest and most innovative engineers. We believe that every thought, every tweak, every movement a team member makes will make our designs better. Here, your creativity matters. Join us.

Small and Mighty

Centaur is purposely designed as a small team of passionate engineers with diverse skills. We are dedicated to achieving the most innovative ways to develop high performance, low cost and energy efficient x86 microprocessors.

Challenging Norms

We are technology thrill seekers who are not afraid to challenge the norm as we face new industry demands in machine learning, neural networking and Artificial Intelligence.

Founded on a Dream

Centaur Technology was founded in 1995 by four engineers working out of a kitchen. They had one mission: to develop high performance, low cost, energy efficient x86 compatible microprocessors. In 1997, Centaur launched its first processor—the IDT C6—setting the foundation for Centaur’s success: A unique design developed from scratch and a unique engineering management approach designed to achieve high performance.

Today, Centaur produces 26 major x86 microprocessor designs, shipping internationally in systems offered by Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell and many others.




Founder / Chief Architect


Founder / Chief Technology Officer


Founder / Past President

Changing the future

Centaur’s small and mighty team, as well as our unique culture of continuously fueling our employees’ creativity, keep us on the cutting edge of technology.

We believe if we minimize bureaucracy and empower our engineers to do what they do best, our products will revolutionize the CPU marketplace and change the future of server and scalable computing.

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