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Technology Announcement

Centaur Releases In-Depth Analysis from The Linley Group for World’s First x86 Processor with AI Coprocessor Technology.

Elite. Evolved. Efficient.

We are a small and mighty team of talented engineers designing high-performance, low-cost x86 microprocessors in Austin, Texas. We have one of the fastest design cycles in the industry, with new designs quickly and efficiently going from concept to completion.

People-focused and culture-driven

Centaur’s success results from a talented, tight-knit group of engineers thriving in a work environment that eliminates bureaucracy and inspires great ideas to rise to the surface. We are one of the best places to work in Austin.

Leading the industry

Since 1995, we’ve been building high-performance x86 microprocessors and have shipped 26 different designs with millions of units sold. Our relationship with parent company VIA Technologies has positioned us to change the future of server and scalable computing.

Passion meets purpose

Centaur’s engineers work each day finding new and creative ways to deliver a significant boost to the functionality and performance of servers, desktop and mobile PCs, and Artificial Intelligence technology.

Life at Centaur

We are a tight group of some of the world’s best engineers and have a unique company culture that is unparalleled. We empower our engineers to be important contributors to the design process. That independent spirit has produced some important achievements in Centaur’s history.