Our superior benefits and compensation plan is one reason Centaur enjoys the highest employee retention rate in the industry. In addition, at Centaur we are responsive to the individual preferences and needs of each employee for one simple reason, our employees are our greatest success story.

Here is a brief summary of our benefits:

Paid Parental Leave

Centaur offers new moms and dads 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

Stock Appreciation Rights Plan

Under Centaur’s Stock Appreciation Rights (“SAR”) Plan, (the Taiwanese equivalent of a stock option plan), Centaur employees are eligible to receive grants that will allow them to be paid the increase in value of VIA stock over the closing price on the date of the grant. The SAR grants are made based on past performance and anticipated future contributions.

Stock Participation Plan

Centaur’s stock participation plan allows employees to acquire SAR units at a price at least 15% lower than the market value of VIA stock. Employees may invest up to 10% of their pay in this plan, and the SAR units are immediately vested.

401K Savings Plan

Centaur offers a 401K Plan through Fidelity Investments. Centaur matches 25% of up to 6% of eligible compensation contributed to the plan.

PC Program

All employees are given home computers and ISDN/cable internet access at no cost. Centaur also provides e-mail accounts for family members.

Vacation and Sick Leave

In the first three years of service, employees receive 15 vacation days per year. After six years of service, employees receive 20 vacation days per year. All employees accrue approximately eight days of sick leave per year.


Centaur pays for ten holidays per year.


All employees receive a six-week sabbatical with full salary after six years and another six-week sabbatical after 14 years!. This can be taken in addition to the regularly accrued vacation.


Centaur provides comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance to keep you and your family healthy. Centaur also provides short and long term disability insurance and life insurance to employees. For more information, please visit Centaur Benefits and log in using the word “centtech”.

Employee Assistance Program

Centaur contracts with an independent employee assistance service to support employees experiencing personal difficulties.

Education Reimbursement

Centaur reimburses employees 100% of the cost of tuition and books on pre-approved, job-related classes completed with a grade “B” or higher.

Other Benefits

Centaur provides great coffee, drinks and snacks, catered breakfasts and lunches every day, and an on-site gym to help you stay in shape. We have amazing parties every year, hosted at some of Austin’s finest restaurants and outdoor venues.