Meet The CEO of CenTaur سعر الاسهم السعودي اليوم Glenn Henry started his business career at IBM, where he worked for 21 years until 1988. He was the instigator, lead architect and development manager responsible for the IBM System/32, IBM System/38, and RT/PC.

منتدى فوركس افضل شركات الفوركس 2012 He went to work for Dell in 1988. In 1993 he was Dell’s Senior Vice President in charge of products. While working there, he discovered that it was not possible to buy computer processors for less than $160 wholesale, thereby constraining the ultimate retail price of the resulting computer.

صناديق الاستثمار في بنك الفرنسي الأسهم المحلية
In 1994 Henry left Dell and began working on a new Intel compatible design. Funding for this new processor was provided by IDT. Centaur Technologies Inc became part of this company. His first processor came to market in 1997. The company has since been taken over by VIA Technologies in 1999.
About VIA & Centaur

شركة شراء الاسهم VIA’s Strategic Business Ties and Design Talent:

اسعم الراجحي VIA has direct access to the leading manufacturers of virtually every PC component. Great Fab Relationships – Now that VIA has become the only fabless vendor of x86 processors, world-class tools vendors and foundries recognize the marketing value in working with VIA. As one of TSMC’s largest customers, VIA has ready access to the latest technologies and can help ensure that future processes are optimized for microprocessors. VIA’s C7-M is currently shipping in IBM’s 90nm SOI process, the same process technology used for IBM’s high-end processors, including the CPU in the XBOX® 360.

Solid Customer Base – VIA has developed a world-class customer base. Major customers include Dell, IBM, HP, Toshiba and Sony, each of which has already demonstrated their desire for Intel-alternative chipsets.  Great Design Talent & Intellectual Property – VIA has successfully introduced market-leading chipsets for Pentium 4, Pentium III, and Athlon processors. VIA is now the 2nd-largest producer of Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets. VIA introduced the first Northbridge chipset with integrated AGP graphics and DVD hardware acceleration. VIA has a joint venture with S3, which will enable VIA to integrate high-performance graphics capabilities into its core logic products.

Centaur & VIA — Owning the Value x86 CPU Market:

اسهم السعودية للبيع المواقع خيار ثنائي Centaur Technology – Centaur’s elite team of engineers has been designing low-cost Pentium-compatible processors for over ten years, shipping eleven different processors, and enjoying the fastest design cycle in the industry.

forex risk management using money market zarabianie przez internet Beneficial Relationship –  The sale has not changed Centaur’s unique culture because Centaur operates as an independent subsidiary of VIA. There have been many changes for the better. Centaur employees now enjoy great stock appreciation, and the satisfaction of designing processors that ship in the millions of units.

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ثنائي خيار التداول التجريبي المجاني "Centaur was recently voted the 8th best medium sized business to work for in all of Central Texas in the Austin Business Journal!"

− Austin Business Journal