The Centaur Experience

The Centaur Experience

While you are hard at work creating designs that will define your career, Centaur believes that the environment in which you work matters. That’s why we take the time to understand what makes each individual employee most prolific at work . Whether it’s a certain tool, a beloved chair, desk, lighting, or your pup, Centaur believes that building a unique environment for each employee is essential to their work and creativity. Every employee at Centaur is given their own space to create a productive working environment.

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Students & Graduates

Unlike other internships that have you running around getting coffee or drowning in projects you simply gain no advantage in being a part of, at Centaur, we give each of our interns the opportunities to do what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real work all while picking up new skills with our seasoned employees. Here your work is not only meaningful but it is work that will actually be used, which means, your internship work will make a difference in our end designs. That is why we seek the best of the best.

On Campus Events

We host and participate in many events where we can meet face to face with students who are interested in joining our team. Check out our events calendar to see where Centaur is popping up!

Work with the best

We are a small and mighty team; we do the work of many with just a few. Working at Centaur means you have been hand-picked from the best of the best to work with a team of Austin’s finest engineers!

See a position that fits your skillset? Go ahead and apply. We take the time with every resume that comes through.

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Interviewing at Centaur is a unique experience. Regardless of the position you are interviewing for, we take the time to ensure that you meet with team members pivotal to your success at Centaur. Our interview usually ranges from 3-5 hours, and we do our best to complete the interview in one day, rather than bringing you back many times over. We will also give you a tour of our campus and feed you the entire time… because that’s just what we do!


Deciding who joins our team is critical to our success. We work collaboratively in choosing who will be the next Centaurian. Every person that you interview with gathers to discuss every aspect of the interview. Our decision is centered around technical ability, culture fit and adaptability.

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