the centaur experience

The work environment you’ve always wanted

At Centaur, we take time to understand what makes each individual employee most fulfilled and productive. Whether it’s a certain tool, a beloved chair, specific lighting, or your pup by your side, Centaur believes that building a unique environment for each employee is essential to creativity.

Work with the Best

We are a small and mighty team. We do the work of many with just a few. Working at Centaur means you have been hand-picked to work with Austin’s finest engineers.

See a position that fits your skillset? Go ahead and apply. We take time with every resume we receive.


Centaur gives each intern the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom while developing new skills with our seasoned employees. Here, internship work is not only meaningful, but actually impacts the end product design. That is why we seek smart, intuitive interns who want to make a difference.

Centaur’s interview process

Interviewing at Centaur is a unique experience. We work collaboratively to choose who will be the next Centaurian. Our decision is influenced by technical ability, culture fit and adaptability. The interview usually ranges from 3-5 hours and we do our best to complete the interview in one day. We will also give you a tour of our campus and feed you the entire time… because that’s just what we do!


Deciding who joins our team is critical to our success. We work collaboratively in choosing who will be the next Centaurian. Every person that you interview with gathers to discuss every aspect of the interview. Our decision is centered around technical ability, culture fit and adaptability.

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