Centaur Releases In-Depth Analysis from The Linley Group for World’s First x86 Processor with AI Coprocessor Technology

Detailed Technical Disclosure Follows Successful Demonstration at ISC East Trade Show Austin, Texas – December 9, 2019 – Centaur Technology today revealed in-depth information about its new processor-design technology for integrating high-performance x86 CPUs with a specialized coprocessor optimized for artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration. On its website (, Centaur provides a new independent report from …

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Centaur Demonstrates Industry’s First High-Performance x86 SoC with Server-Class CPUs and Integrated AI Coprocessor Technology

Certified MLPerfbenchmark wins on latency performance (image classification in less than 330 microseconds) Austin, Texas –November 18, 2019 –Centaur Technology revealed the technology behind its outstanding results on the MLPerf1inference benchmarks, which were officially certified on a development system for key customers and software developers. Centaur’s first design with its new artificial intelligence (AI)technology combines …

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Great Places to Work for 2021-2022

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