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Centaur was recently voted the 8th best medium sized business to work for in all of Central Texas in the Austin Business Journal! If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging career in the microprocessor industry, where your skills can shine in a totally-technical, non-bureaucratic environment, Centaur is the place for you! Check out our openings in beautiful Austin, Texas. dove acquistare pannelli di forex forex fundamental trading system Our Team
Meet the talented processor design team at Centaur Technology. We design high performance, low-cost x86 compatible microprocessors. We have the fastest design cycle in the industry, with new designs going from concept to completion in about 9 months (1/3 the time of our competitors). In thirteen years, we’ve shipped thirteen different designs with millions of units sold. Our relationship with parent company VIA Technologies, the #2 chipset maker in the world after Intel, has positioned us to be the dominant force in bringing PC power to developing nations. Now is the time to join our Centaur team.

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التوصيات في الاسهم السعودية kurser forex Our Culture

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  • Centaur’s success results from a very talented group of engineers and microprocessor designers thriving in an ideal work environment.
  • There are no managers at Centaur. Instead, employees report to Centaur founder and President, Glenn Henry, an engineer who was a fellow at IBM for 21 years and a senior vice president at Dell.
  • Centaur empowers its employees by eliminating bureaucracy and providing advantages such as home computers with high speed internet, the flexibility to set one’s own work hours, free breakfast and lunch, and an onsite fitness facility.
  • Regarding compensation, Centaur offers the best of both worlds: the financial stability of an established company, and the explosive growth potential of a start-up.

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In August 1999, Centaur was purchased by VIA Technologies. The sale has not altered Centaur’s unique culture, as Centaur operates as an independent subsidiary of VIA. VIA is the world’s second-largest supplier of core logic chipsets, x86 processors, and communications/networking chips. VIA’s strong ties to leading electronics manufacturers insures that Centaur designs will ship in high-volume products.

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  • Competing microprocessor designers now embrace the Centaur design philosophy that is based on the need for balanced performance on real-world applications.
  • Centaur has redefined the performance/dollar and performance/watt equations for the underserved desktop and laptop marketplace, while helping create an entirely-new segment for fanless x86 processors in embedded devices.
  • Centaur CPUs now run at 2 GHz, as much as 5 times the power of chips we shipped just 5 years ago.
  • Centaur is currently developing an entirely-new micro architecture that will again raise the industry bar for performance and power efficiency.

الفوركس دبي Centaur’s newest design, the VIA Isaiah Architecture, is a new x86 processor architecture that will deliver significant boosts to the functionality and performance of desktop, mobile and ultra mobile PCs while minimizing power requirements, saving on battery life and enabling ultra compact system designs.

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  • 28nm Technology
  • 64-bit Superscalar Speculative Out-of-Order Microarchitecture
  • High-performance Multi-Media Computation
  • New Virtual-Machine Architecture
  • Leadership in Performance per Watt