A Message from Glenn Henry About Our Culture:

When we founded Centaur Technology in 1995, our goal was to assemble a talented team of microprocessor designers to make an affordable x86 processor for the neglected sub-$1000 PC market. Today, we have shipped eleven different designs and have experienced the lowest employee attrition rate in the industry. We succeeded because we created a company that has an ideal engineering culture. Here’s what we did: We hired the highest quality people in the industry, including the best engineers, and supported them with the latest and best tools and equipment. We fostered a totally technical environment by eliminating all unnecessary bureaucracy. We empowered our engineers to be important contributors to the design process by giving them autonomy and responsibility, encouraging them to make their own decisions, and tying their bonuses to the company’s achievement of its goals. We established an informal and casual environment in which employees wear whatever they want (usually shorts and t-shirts), and set their work hours. We make life easier for employees by providing a computer and cable or ISDN line in each employees’ home, providing free breakfasts, lunches and snacks, and providing an on-site gym. Simply put, we created the kind of environment we wanted to work in: entrepreneurial, informal and highly technical. If this sounds like a good company to work for, check out our job openings.

– Glenn Henry